Friday, July 12, 2024

BOKA aligns itself with the BNSC Strategic Plan

The Botswana Karate Association last week met at Lobatse for three days where they engaged in discussions about the BNSC Vision 2012 and strategy, seeking to align themselves with it as an affiliate to the Council. BOKA’s Public Relations Officer, Moses Moloi, confirmed to The Sunday Standard that such meeting did take place.

“We just returned from a three-day retreat at Lobatse, where we were discussing the BNSC Vision 2012 and the strategy – seeking to align ourselves with the BNSC policies, programs and strategy as an affiliate.”

The BNSC also developed a Strategic Plan, which will ensure that the Vision is achieved along with the strategy.
The plan encompasses the entire “Council”, including its main components: The Executive Committee, Secretariat, and Affiliates.

“The BNSC strategic plan was also developed in consultation with various stakeholders and BNSC Affiliates,” said Moloi. “The strategy moreover aligns with the National Vision 2016 and the various regulatory and mandatory frameworks that BNSC has to adhere to, including the BNSC Act and the National Sports and Recreation Policy.

Furthermore, the successful implementation of the BNSC Strategy can go a long way towards contributing to the attainment of Vision 2016, which describes sport as having an important role to play in the national agenda; ‘Sport & recreation have many tangible benefits and a significant impact on other areas of life’.”

Moloi noted that, as an affiliate it is important to be in line with what their sporting bodies are doing for both growth and development of their sporting code.

“We are therefore trying as much as possible to align ourselves to the expectations of the council and currently worked on our Vision as part of our efforts,” he said.

Moloi added that they have since changed their vision to fully align themselves with the council strategy.
“We are going to change our vision from being ‘Karate for all, health, recreation, self defence and employment and towards a more civic, united and character building for a more civic and prestigious society’ to ‘Karate for all, for health, self-defence and national development towards a more civic, united and proud nation’ in our efforts to align ourselves with the Council Vision and strategy,” he further said.

Moloi stated that their sport had grown through leaps and bounds noting that their main challenges had been results in BOKA athletes and other deserving candidates not being recognized and accorded an opportunity to contest and win BNSC awards and also BOKA Affiliates not being able to compete and encourage athletes to participate in more “qualifying” tournaments and style events in order to ensure chances of nominations or placing positions at BNSC awards.


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