Wednesday, July 6, 2022

Boko forged BNF membership card ÔÇô claims youth activist

Hardly a week after Botswana National Front (BNF) Presidential hopeful, Duma Boko, announced that he had found his lost membership card, a party youth wing member has come forward with claims and supporting documents suggesting that Boko may have forged the membership card of a deceased party activist.

Thuso Mogorosi, who is opposing Boko’s candidature, has written to BNF President Otsweletse Moupo, stating that his investigations have revealed that the membership card that Boko claims to be his belongs to a deceased BNF activist who was registered in Sekgwa Ward, Gaborone Central Constituency.
Attached to Mogorosi’s letter is a copy of the party’s 2007 voter’s roll of Gaborone Central, bearing the same membership number next to one Fred Goepamang, who it is understood has since passed on.

Mogorosi further states that the membership number on Boko’s card does not correlate with the year he claims to have joined the BNF.

“If Duma Boko joined the party in 2003, it is impossible that he would have been allocated membership card number 31161.This I say because myself having a 2002 membership, my number is 33300.By 2003, Boko would have been allocated membership number over and above 33300,” reads part of the letter from Mogorosi. He further states that at the time Boko registered, the number 31161 had already been taken up.

“The long and short of it is that Duma Boko fraudulently altered the membership card of Freddy Kereemang Goepamang of Sekgwa Ward and inserted his name there on because the dead cannot complain. Such conduct is reprehensible if not a serious act of misconduct, warranting expulsion from the party. Instead of showing the membership card to the powers that be in the party, he ran to the press,” states Mogorosi.

Mogorosi is also threatening court action against Boko and the party leadership.
“I hereby give notice that I shall file an application seeking to interdict Mr Duma Boko from campaigning for the party presidency, so that we can avoid the current confusion,” he states in the letter.

However, Duma Boko appears calm when confronted with the allegations raised by Mogorosi.
“They don’t deserve my comments…they are stupid and comical,” said Boko. He said that he could not answer allegations that he faked a BNF membership card.

“The allocation of cards is not mine to answer…he can address that with the party; if they issue bogus cards they will address it with him,” said Boko.

He dismissed as malicious the allegation that because he faked a BNF membership card he deserved to be expelled from the party.

Boko said that Mogorosi’s actions could attract stern disciplinary action.
“He is the one that should be expelled from the party because it seems he is hell-bent on insulting the president in waiting,” said Boko.

Boko said that he was annoyed that his detractors had resorted to being malicious ahead of the elections.

“I regard them with the scornful derision I normally reserve for fools,” he stated.
“The only thing they will achieve is a massive embarrassment for himself and his handlers,” Boko told the Sunday Standard.

Also joining Boko in criticising Mogorosi is former BNF secretary General, Akanyang Magama.
Magama, who is being touted for the position of secretary General, told the Sunday Standard that Boko’s membership card was not a fake because he had issued it while still the party’s Secretary General in 2003.

The card bears Magama’s signature.

Magama said that those querying Boko’s candidature have hidden agendas.
“This thing is being pursued by people with ulterior motives.”
Magama said that the person being referred to died around 2003.
“When you die your membership number is allocated to someone else,” he said, adding that those that were trying to interdict Boko would fail.

In a separate interview, the party’s spokesperson, Moeti Mohwasa, indicated that the central committee will look into the issues that Mogorosi raises and will make a decision.
Boko was recently barred from running for the party’s presidency following questions over his BNF membership. After locating his lost BNF membership card, Boko stated that he is eligible to contest the party’s central committee elections.


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