Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Boko, Gaborone reach a compromise?

Botswana National Front members have compiled a compromise lobby list in which Presidential candidates Duma Boko and Olebile Gaborone appear on the same team. Information passed to The Telegraph indicates that concerned BNF members, who were worried about the deteriorating relations, prevailed upon Gaborone and Boko to join forces for the sake of party unity.

The Telegraph is in possession of the compromise lobby list, in which Boko is slated as party President and Gaborone as his deputy.

BNF insiders, who chose not to be named as the issue is still under wraps, said they hatched the plan to avoid further polarisation and bring peace within the party.

“It was clear that the campaigns and lobby lists were being peddled along factional lines, which is not good for party unity. We needed to reach a compromise so that contesting factions can work together to heal rifts within the BNF” they said.

The plan was hatched a month ago, and its proponents are busy selling the idea to BNF structures nationwide.

The compromise lobby list includes Mokgweetsi Kgosipula as Secretary General, Nunu Kgafela-Mukoko as Deputy Secretary General, Murray Dipate as Treasurer, Bashi Sengwaketse as Chairman, Lemogang Ntime as Secretary for Political Education, and Reggie Reatile as Organising Secretary.
The sponsors of the lobby list were however unable to explain why another Presidential candidate, Gabriel Kanjabanga was not part of the compromise agreement.

“Other comrades will serve the BNF in different capacities. It is not about central committee positions only, as there are other portfolios in which they can serve the party” they said.
The lobby list has been widely distributed among party members in the country, and the BNF is expected to formally present to the public very soon.

Another lobby list that has been widely distributed is that of temporary platform members, which includes Dr Bucks Molatlhegi, Nehemiah Modubule, Akanyang Magama, Lebohang Letsie, Elmon Tafa and Harry Mothei.

But there are elements within the BNF who feel that members of the old central committee should not be included in the new compromise agreement.

In a recent media article former party ideologue Elmon Tafa was quoted saying any lobby list which includes members of the old central committee is ill advised and unacceptable.
“These comrades carry a huge baggage which effectively incapacitates them from carrying out reforms required to resuscitate the BNF. Comrades should not confuse appeasement with reconciliation” he said.


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