Wednesday, June 19, 2024

BOMU elections slated for Thursday next week

On Thursday, 21st of February, the Botswana Musician’s Union (BOMU) members will be voting in the new Executive team, and vying for their votes is a campaign team of 10, who have dubbed themselves The People’s Team as they ”have the best interests of artists at heart.”

The outgoing Secretary General, Nkgopolang Tlhomelang, is the People’s Team candidate for BOMU’s presidency. He presented the People’s Team to the press at Caf├® Prego, in BBS Mall on Monday.
“We are not a faction but share an ideology,” said Tlhomelang. “We all have a common interest in artists.”

Tlhomelang insists that the People’s Team does not exclude anyone or thwart independent candidates to participate in the elections. He says they have adopted the People’s Team as a campaign strategy.

BOMU’s first president, Taolo Moshaga, was revealed as the team’s campaign manager, and said, “I know these young people individually,’ he said “but none of them were close prior to this campaign.”

Among their objectives are ‘to be a team of dedicated, professional, experienced, young, gender sensitive, vibrant, creative and innovative expectees,’ and ‘to change the landscape of the music industry encalculating and bringing a sense of corporate responsibility, self discipline, hard working culture, standardisation, quality control and readiness to accept changes.’

“We will be looking at what the industry needs through analysis,” Tlhomelang said. Internationalising the industry is one of the People’s Team drives that will, in turn, help in contributing towards the National Gross Domestic Product.

Tlhomelang said BOMU’s vision is compliant with Vision 2016.
“We particularly place great emphasis in teamwork, discourage factions and are transparent,” he said. “We will take the time to listen to artists. Artists have had a long standing gripe that BOMU does not listen to them.”

Rasina Winfred Rasina, the ‘People’s candidate’ for the Secretary General position said, “We want to enhance what already is there, by cultivating the spirit of consultation.”

Communications executive candidate, Joel Keitumele, who is popular for his presenting Mokaragana, a local televised competitive music show, said his job affords him the opportunity of meeting more artists weekly than the average person, and despite some having a considerable income, the personal finance management leaves a lot to be desired.

“A lot should be done in orientating artists to manage themselves better,” Keitumele said.

The People’s Team also comprises of Zenzele Hirschfeld (vice president), Percy Bakwena (Financial executive), Tshepho Olefile (Assistant secretary general), Ruth Moore (events manager) Otsile Ramorwa (Research and Development) and two additional members, Mmereki Malombo and Boikanyo Mojela.
Other candidates up for election are:
Socca Moruakgomo ÔÇô President
Tsilo Baitsile ÔÇô Vice President
Alfred Mosimanegape ÔÇô Vice President
Tshepo Puna olefile ÔÇô Assistant Secretary General
Lesego ‘Lesh’ Bile ÔÇô Event Management
City Seeto Ntsholeng – Additional Member


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