Thursday, November 30, 2023

BONELA looking forward to a day of same sex marriages

The human rights organisation, the Botswana Network on Ethics, Law and HIV/AIDS, has said it does not rule out calling for same sex marriages in Botswana.

The executive director, Uyapo Ndadi, told The Telegraph that same sex marriage is their ultimate goal.

He said at the moment the priority is to fight for legalisation of same sex relationships.

“We are not yet fighting for same sex marriages. But if we woke to hear that such marriages were permitted in Botswana, we would jump in celebration,”said Ndadi.

He said his organisation is currently taking small steps at a time, adding that the ultimate objective remains same sex marriages.

“Only after intimate relations are allowed will we go for marriages,” he said.

But a leading evangligical pastor, Biggie Butale, is not amused.

He is even worried that there seems to be a section of Members of Parliament who seem taken over by the BONELA campaign.

Butale has said Members of Parliament have to be careful not to go against public opinion.

“Many Batswana think this same sex relationships are despicable.”

Butale says it is important that the decision is left to Batswana to decide.
He says the Members of Parliament have to remain “neutral.”

“The majority of Batswana do not want this thing [homsexuality]. In fact, they find it despicable.”
Pastor Butale says even some of the BONELA officers do not lilke to talk about homosexuality, but they have no option because the financiers of the organisation insist on it.

“BONELA uses it for money purpoeses. Otherwise there would be no such talk in Botswana,” he stated.


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