Thursday, July 18, 2024

BOPEU climbs down to membership anger with toned down adjustments

The Botswana Public Employees Union (BOPEU) through its central executive committee (CEC) approved some subscription rates and allowance adjustments to be effected in the financial year 2023/24.

Regarding subsistence allowance, there will be an increase from P300 to P500 per night, mileage will increase as follows; tarred Road P2.75 to P4.35p/km, gravel road P4.35 to P5.80p/km and sand road P5.80 to P7.15p/km.

 ccountable meal allowance will increase from P100.00 to P200.00 per meal/per day, the General Secretary non-accountable meal will be  P100.00 per/day, travel concession to increase from P500.00 to P1000.00 per person.

The union also introduced allowances to be payable to shop stewards which will be as follows:

Summary dismissal case P200.00 per/case not won, P500.00p/case  won, allowance payable as flat rate on conclusion of the matter.

-Other disciplinary matters not dismissible P150.00 per/case not won and P300 per case for case won allowance payable as flat rate on conclusion of the matter.

– Negotiators Allowance (Conditions of service and remuneration negotiation) P500.00 per bargaining session payable as flat rate.

-Policy Session Allowance P300.00 per session payable as flat rate, response to show cause letter (Assisting a member) P50.00 per member for General misconduct, P100.00 per member for Serious misconduct

-Mediation matters P350.00 per case payable as flat rate upon conclusion of the matter Arbitration/Industrial Court P1000.00 per case payable as flat rate upon conclusion of the matter. Staff members who seat as substantive committee members with approved allowances to receive such allowance as other members.

The leadership of the union also reviewed airtime for Office Bearers; Branch Executive Committee, Specified Regional Executive Committee, National Office Bearers, National Executive Committee, National Appeals Board, Board of Trustees, Finance and Investment Committee, Head of Departments, and Specified employees by exigence of duty.

“Airtime rates to increase as follows and relative to their current rates per class; P50 increase to P100 per/month, P100 increase to P150 per/month, P200 to increase to P300 per/month, P300 to increase to P500 per/month, P500 to increase to P600 per/month and P600 to increase to P800 per/month,” said Gabokake.

The union also introduced seating allowance for the following structures; i) Branch Executive Committee P150.00 per/meeting, ii) Regional Executive Committee P250.00 per meeting.

“All changes take effect from 1st July, 2023,” said Gabobake.


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