Saturday, July 20, 2024

Borethe – furniture fit for a president

When Botswana’s caviar and champagne set discuss their latest furniture acquisition, a subject that comes up even before enquiries about the health of children these days, the name Borethe is never far from the tongue.

Botswana’s leading designer and manufacturer of elegant furniture has come up with designs fit for Presidents, Cabinet ministers, members of parliament and diplomats. Among their key projects are the furnishing of the Parliamentary flats, ministerial houses, The State House and some of Botswana’s regional diplomatic offices.

For discerning consumers who see furniture as more than just a piece of wood, leather and upholstery, but an extension of their character, Borethe designs offer an appealing cachet.

Their approach to furniture designs has evolved over the years, and that is where their strength lies. For customers who want to design their own furniture, Borethe employs three dimensional computer aided designs which allow clients to be fully involved in the design most suitable to their needs, preferred style and budget.

Their custom made furniture provides clients with a distinct and lasting impression that consistently appeals to the eye. Since it was set up in 1988, Borethe has consistently created and maintained an outstanding sense of style. Their furnishing represents not only the best but also some of the most unique and thoughtful designs ever produced. Their furniture is distinctive in its design elements, and is not easily confused with other furniture styles.

“Borethe takes great pride in its work because it puts customers’ ideas into reality. With regular visits overseas, this helps the company to continuously improve and introduce new trends”, says company spokesperson.

With attention to detail and reliance on traditional joinery, customers can expect any piece of furniture carrying a Borethe tag to last generations.

Borethe believes that an investment in quality, custom designed furniture is an investment in timeless appeal. Thus, endorses one’s character, individuality, and a sense of style while simultaneously adding appeal and value to property. Their secret is that they hold each item they design and manufacture with high regard; from the material they choose, the designs they develop, the workmanship they apply and the quality they deliver. Their workmanship and attention to detail has earned them an excellent reputation across diverse market segments and won them repeat business and good referrals. Their extensive range of products appeal to a wide range of markets, including Botswana’s diplomatic community, various professional enterprises, architects, building contractors, construction industry, turnkey projects, housing corporations and the Government of Botswana.

Borethe has up-to-date facilities that enable it to meet the needs of its customers. The company has a showroom that bears testimony to its abilities.
Borethe furnishing designs encompass elegant, classic, traditional, modern, industrial and minimalist styles. Their range of products includes kitchen units, bedroom and bathroom cupboard, study furniture, office furniture, reception/front desk office counters, shop displays, bedroom suits, dinning room furniture and entertainment display units.

At the moment, Borethe is the only preferred furniture manufacturing company engaged by the First National Bank of Botswana (FNBB) for their Home Ownership Programme.


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