Saturday, April 13, 2024

Born around here back on stage, this time headed to Capetown

Born around here is back on stage. This time, it is taking on the world stage again. As we celebrate Botswana’s 50th anniversary of independence, we forget to acknowledge what it truly means to be a Motswana. In Born around here, we encounter individuals who embody the true spirit of what it means to be a Motswana; the spirit of botho (ubuntu), the love for one’s neighbour, compassion and sacrifice. 

The men and women we encounter in the play reflect what the people of this nation should aspire to be like – selfless and kind, to the people they know as well as those they barely know. That’s the true spirit of what being a Motswana means. Over the years that has been eroded by influences from elsewhere.

Born around here is a reminder of our values as Batswana. We must aspire to be like men and women who made the ultimate sacrifice for humanity as reflected through all the characters in the play, and the unsung heroes who are referenced: Mike Dingake, Fish Keitseng, Mac Mosepele, Motsamai Mpho, amongst many. Some have passed on and others are still alive. 

Through this play we wish to pay tribute to them. Their heroism saved humanity from the brutality of apartheid. We do not acknowledge them enough. Perhaps as we celebrate Botswana’s 50th independence we ought to look back at these men and women whose actions epitomised and embodied what it means to be a Motswana.

That’s the angle we wish to explore on this Cape Town tour of Born around here. 

Born around here schedule is as follows:

Maitisong – A double bill with Baratani: The Hill of Lovers

Tuesday 13 & Wednesday 14 September

Time: 7pm

Admission: P100 single/P170 double

Heritage Festival – Artscape, Cape Town

Date: 16 – 23 September

Time: 7pm

Arena Theatre: Artscape, Cape Town, RSA

Admission: R80

Born around here is a headline act at the heritage festival. It runs for 7 days and opens and closes the festival. It is a great honour to have a Botswana show headlining at a major festival, at a prestigious venue in Cape Town, South Africa.


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