Sunday, June 23, 2024

Born dirty, Raised Clean: The journey of a new comer in the world of detergents

Whether you are looking for new products to spot-clean stains or you are planning a deep clean of your home before you hunker down for the winter, Born and Raised Pty (Ltd) says it has you covered.

Born and Raised Pty (Ltd) is a company owned by three Batswana – Goaba Mojakgomo, Kamogelo Madikwe and Molatedi Kgotla and recently launched a new line of home detergents in a surprise move given the company’s background of hosting music festivals over the past four years. 

The story of why and how the company decided to take the route of shifting between intangible and tangible assets is surely for another day. The story today centres around the company’s humble beginnings as well as early hardships given its ‘new comer’ tag in the world of detergents. 

The world of home detergents business, is no stranger to big players who try to manipulate prices in a bid to push out new players like Born and Raised, so says one of the directors – Molatedi Kgotla. 

At the night of the launch, Kgotla did not shy away from sharing their early experience in the news business. He shared the pain of trying to list some their new products at some of the local retail stores some of which double as manufacturers of the same or have preferred international brands,  

“Listing these products in retail shelves has presented us with different challenges. We still have retailer player who are still reluctant and have not come to terms with the fact that PHUSHA BW MOVEMENT is here and is here to stay”, said Kgotla. 

The new products from the company entails Multipurpose Cleaner (lemon and lavender fragrance) available in 750ml, 5 litres and 25 litres as well as Dish washing liquid (lemon fragrance) available in 750ml, 5 litters and 25 litres. 

While there has been challenge in listing these new products, the company says it hopes to benefit from the pending Citizen Economic Empowerment law. 

“The economic empowerment law should speak to committing all retailers to listing local produced brands unconditionally of cause taking into account quality of products and capacity; it must review the listing requirements and conditions imposed by these retail giants on local producers”, said Kgotla. 

Speaking at the launch, Finance and Economic Development – Dr Thapelo Matsheka said that the CEE law The law will address the inequalities of the past by transferring the country’s wealth to disadvantaged Batswana, thereby allowing for more participation of citizens in the economy.

Dr Matsheka agreed that despite the existence of some citizen economic empowerment schemes, effective citizen participation in some sectors of the economy has not been satisfactory, hence the decision to move from policy to a law to ensure effectiveness in application and implementation of the citizen economic empowerment agenda. 

Amongst other schemes, Botswana has over the years introduced citizen economic empowerment initiatives such as the Economic Diversification Drive (EDD), where procurement is reserved for local manufacturers as well as the Local Procurement Scheme (LPS) that facilitates economic development in rural areas using public procurement in line with the CEE Policy.


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