Monday, August 8, 2022

BOTA accreditation to help Botswana Life increase training capacity

The Botswana Training Authority (BOTA) handed Botswana Life Insurance (BLIL) Company a certificate of recognition on Tuesday as proof that they have the competence and capacity to offer training on insurance related programmes.

It is expected that the accreditation will help BLIL to expand the scope and number of their skilled workforce through the Vocational Training Fund (VTF).

“Registration and Accreditation Specialists informed me that on the basis of the accreditation submission, it was evident that BLIL was a sound and robust institution with elaborate systems in place to support training,” said Abel Modungwa, Chief Executive Officer of BOTA.

He said that the handover of the certificate was the beginning of a vital partnership between his organization and BLIL in ensuring competent and skilled manpower.

He further pointed out that BOTA’s quality assurance systems and processes are rigorous enough to weed out the unscrupulous trainers and training institutions.

Core programmes offered by BLIL, which were targeted for accreditation, included Product Knowledge, Introduction to Bank Assurance, Selling Skills and Performance Management as well as Induction courses.

Mention was made of the fact that the courses were designed to enhance the workforce competence and close the identified performance gaps.

“Thus, the assurance of the quality of the stated courses comes at a critical point given recent and ongoing public outcry relating to the integrity of the certain purported agents in the Insurance industry,” said Modungwa.

Catherine Lesetedi-Lesetedi, Acting CEO of BLIL, acknowledged the accreditation as a boost to her company’s chances of expanding their skills base. She said that with the quality of their programmes assured the morale of the staff is certainly bound to be rejuvenated.
“Botswana Life as leader in the Insurance Industry is fully committed to the development of its staff, in as much as we can proudly say that our good image and brand is the direct product of their making,” stated Lesetedi.

Thus, on the basis of that fact it Lesetedi intimated that it her company’s pursuit, that with the added benefit of quality assurance of their services and products, B should remain the employer of choice within the otherwise long-industry.

Lesetedi posited that the present situation has been such that they sometimes had to outsource some of their training activities to reputable local and international training institutions.
It was stated that in 2009 only, BLIL spent more than P1.5 million in training its employees. This figure is expected to increase substantially in the year 2010 financial year.

“Claiming some of this money from the BOTA’s VTF will thus help BLIL further increase its training budget,” concluded Lesetedi.


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