Friday, March 1, 2024

BOTEC unveils technological equipment

The Botswana Technology Centre (BOTEC) last week shined brightly as it marked the Vision 2016 launch by exhibiting breath-taking technological equipment at Jackalas 1 Village.

As a way of aligning to the theme of the event, (Turning challenges into opportunities) the Public Relations officer of BOTEC, Regina Sarumi, said that BOTEC is turning challenges into opportunities through innovation.

“As a science-based organization, we have various products and most of our innovations, such as the solar lights, have benefited the nation,” she said.

Sarumi added that, of late, BOTEC has come up with crucial innovations, such as the invention of the quelea bird machine, which is used by farmers to chase away birds from their fields.
She said that among the inventions is a solar chimney, which uses solar power to generate electricity.

“Given the fact that Botswana is currently faced with electricity shortages, we are somehow turning that threat into an opportunity by inventing such machines,” she said.

Sarumi said that BOTEC is a research-based organization, which is geared at coming up with innovations that benefit the nation at large. She pointed out that being an organization that is based on innovation, they are subscribing to one of the pillars of 2016, a prosperous and innovative nation.

“This event is very crucial because it helps us reach out to the people in the rural areas,” she observed, adding that their organization is based in Gaborone therefore with such kind of events they are able to network easily with the public and share information. She went on to stress that most of their projects are used by the wider community.

“Most of the people at the exhibition have been impressed by our innovations,” said Sarumi.


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