Thursday, June 13, 2024

Boteti: another hot spot tourism area in the offing

Boteti has been a unique place by its own state. An area situated between the two game reserves, the controversial Central Kalahari Game Reserve and Makgadikgadi, is slowly becoming a tourism hot spot area.

The area is not all about the glittering diamonds that have turned the dusty streets of every villages and towns into much of cosmopolitan streets.

Endowed with diamonds, the area is slowly becoming a hot spot tourism area.┬á The area has become one of the unique areas where a holidaymaker can go for sightseeing adventure to view the much talked and celebrated “Big Five”. ┬á

A buffalo is the only beast among the big five that is not found in the area.

The presence of almost all the big five clearly shows how another “diamond” is in the offing in Boteti.

┬áThe area has been fortunate to house Rhino’s last year after the government took a decision to relocate some Rhino’s to Orapa game sanctuary ┬áamid fears that poachers were preying on them while elephants started descending in the area after a decade of Boteti river dry spell.

Though the elephants are a menace to the communities, this serves well for a holiday maker to view the Big Five without the hassle of travelling to Okavango and Chobe.

The CKGR and Makgadikgadi  game reserves that surround the villages in Boteti are also a habitat for Lions and leopards.

A short trip to the Orapa game sanctuary also offers a visitor an opportunity to view Rhino’s that have since settled well in the area. It is another enthralling adventure that will leave a holidaymaker with a truly memorable adventure in the bundus.┬á

The former director of the Okavango Research Centre, Susan Rinrose, was concerned that despite abundant natural resources, the communities were not benefiting from the natural resources in the area.

In her view, there is a great potential for tourism establishments and other tourism related business. She indicated that despite great potential in tourism the opportunities are not known to the communities.

“Though there are no well developed tourists establishments and tourism businesses operated by communities, there have been some tourism projects, such as lodges in areas such as Khumaga and Rakops. Areas that can be exploited could include setting up of camp sites. The area is a possible stop over for tourists who visit the CKGR and the Makgadikgadi game reserves and those who are in transit to Maun and the majestic Okavango Delta,” added Ringrose.

 The area also has attraction sites such Makhubu Island and Lake Xhau.  

For bird watchers, Lake Xhau is the best place to go for bird watching. An assortment of birds, such as flamingos, started flocking to Lake Xhau when the lake started flooding.


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