Thursday, July 18, 2024

Botswana accede to Baherero’s calls to return to Namibia

The Botswana Government has acceded to requests of scores of Baherero and Ovambanderu’s demand to return to their country of origin, Namibia. 

The Kgosi of Baherero in Mahalapye David Kamuzeri confirmed reports that some of his tribesmen in the village have also expressed wilingness to return to Namibia.

Kamuzeri explained that a considerable number of those who had shown interest to return to Namibia were in villages such as Tsau, Semboyo, Makakung, Kareng, Bothatogo, Toteng, Sehithwa, Bodibeng, Komana and Chanoga, the Ngamiland district at large centres such as Charleshill and Maun.

The Telegraph has seen a letter addressed to the Secretary of the Repatriation Committee in Namibia by the Botswana’s Ministry of International Affairs and Cooperation.  

The letter states in part that “We write to inform that the ministry has communicated to the Government of the Republic of Namibia your wish to be repatriated.”

According to the letter, the government of Namibia has since informed of the establishment of an inter-ministerial committee that is tasked with handling the modalities as well as logistics of the repatriation, and has also requested an updated list of those who wish to be repatriated, including total number of livestock.

The letter also says that the ministry therefore kindly share an updated list of those who wish to be repatriated, and the total number of livestock, for onward transmission to Namibian authorities.

Baherero and Ovambanderu who are citizens of Botswana have cited a number of several issues that they are not happy about in Botswana.  

One of the issues that they are not happy with is refusal by government to  include their language in the schools curriculum.

Some have also indicated that they were intending to relocate since the government has no enthusiasm to control Foot and Mouth Disease in areas where they rear livestock.

Last year, Labour and Home Affairs minister Edwin Batshu was quoted as saying that there have been discussions between the countries on the matter before.

 Batshu reportedly said that the government of Botswana will not refuse to help those who want to go back. Batshu further said at the time that they were still awaiting a response on the matter from the Namibian government.


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