Thursday, July 18, 2024

Botswana arrests then releases two Zimbabwean security officers

The government of Botswana says it will not revenge against its neighbour, Zimbabwe, following the arrest of two Zimbabwean security agents.

This was said by the acting minister of Defense, Justice and Security, Lesego Motsumi.
She told Sunday Standard that a week ago, two Zimbabwean security agents were arrested in Botswana after they accidentally crossed into Botswana.

“The suspects were questioned by the police and it emerged that they incidentally crossed into Botswana,” she said.

She said the two suspects were then handed over to their authorities.

“We could not continue detaining them because they explained how they happened to be in Botswana and we found it fit that they should be released and be handed over to their authorities.”

She said Botswana will not even think of any revenge against Zimbabwe because they are neighbours and Botswana believes in peace and tranquility.

However, the Divisional Commander North, Detective Assistant Commissioner, Kesetsenao Tshweneitsele, said “it is true that two Zimbabweans, a police officer and a soldier, were arrested in Botswana”.

He said the two, who were in uniform and carrying a service arm, accidentally crossed into Botswana and were then arrested.

“The two were interrogated and they were later handed over to the Zimbabwean authorities,” he said
Nine months ago, three members of Botswana Wildlife unit were arrested in Zimbabwe after they accidentally crossed into Zimbabwe while they were tracking lions that were terrorizing farmers of Lesoma Village along the border.

Their arrest sparked a diplomatic dispute between the two countries.

The officers were tried and charged about US $100 and their arms, ammunition and government vehicle were impounded by the Zimbabwean authorities as part of the court evidence.


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