Monday, May 20, 2024

Botswana cattle in demand in Angola

Angolan multi-billionaire business men, Louis Nunes, who is also the President of Cooperative of Cattle Farmers in Southern Angola, says that they are looking forward to buying cattle from Ngamiland. This is according to Botswana Meat Commission weekly magazine, Sakeng.

The paper said that during his visit, Nunes toured Hainaveld Farms where he said, “I was impressed by the good breeds of cattle in terms of prices and that we have been paying for not so good breeds of cattle from Brazil and India,” and added: “I think it is time to start making business deals because we have capital”.

During their tour in Hainaveld, Nunes said that he was impressed by the way farmers are rearing their cattle in free hold farms. The Angolan billionaire said that they will be challenges in getting the cattle to customers because of the state of the roads which he said are in a bad state after the civil war in their country.

Nunes said that they are concerned at the speed at which roads are being constructed, especially roads between Santa Clara and Lubango in Southern Angola, adding that they were determined to do anything possible to get cattle from North West Botswana to Southern Angola. More interesting, he said, was that the climatic conditions between the two areas, which he said are similar.

Should this materialise, it will be a great relief for Ngamiland farmers who have been failing to find markets for their cattle because of constant outbreaks of foot and mouth in the area.


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