Sunday, May 26, 2024

Botswana centre of International Theatre Institute

Theatre professionals, practitioners, playwrights, and academics from around the country met in Gaborone recently and resolved to establish the Botswana Centre of the International Theatre Institute, according to a press statement from the Interim Committee.

In cooperation with the International Theatre Institute [ITI], the world’s largest performing arts international organization, the Botswana Centre of the International Theatre Institute aims to increase creative synergies and cooperation between people engaged in the exchange and practice of theatre and live performing arts in Botswana.

The ITI was founded in 1948 by theater and dance experts and seeks to advance UNESCO’s goals of mutual understanding and peace, and advocates the protection and promotion of cultural expressions regardless of age, gender, creed or ethnicity.

In conformity with the aims of the ITI, UNESCO goals, and in line with Botswana’s mission to have “A Prosperous, Productive and Innovative Nation”, as well as “A united and Proud Nation” the Centre shall enhance the creation, promotion, and production of drama, dance, and music theatre as well as support the activities of national organizations and individual theatre and performance activists, playwrights, actors, academics, dancers, designers, theatre managers, producers, directors, etc.

It will encourage, coordinate, and facilitate the organization of national and inter-regional theatre festivals, workshops, seminars, conferences, exhibitions, and competitions in cooperation with ITI, in addition to documenting and disseminating the development and creative output of Botswana theatre, indigenous performance traditions, and cultural heritage tourism; contribute to the protection of theatre and performing arts professionals in Botswana.

ITI will increase public awareness regarding the contribution of the creative industries in maintaining peace, social cohesion, and economic development in the country.

An interim committee of nine members was elected to achieve the purposes of the Centre in close cooperation with the International Theatre Institute.

The Botswana Centre of the International Theatre Institute will commence its operations upon registration locally and with the International Theatre Institute.

For the next six months, the Interim Committee will facilitate legal registration, membership affiliation and election of the Standing Committee.


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