Tuesday, March 5, 2024

Botswana couple wanted in Zambia for impersonating diplomats

Zambian authorities have requested that two Batswana nationals, who claimed to be diplomats while in Zambia, should be arrested.

The two suspects were arrested by the police on Friday and are in custody, waiting to be extradited to Zambia where they will be tried for impersonating diplomats.

Information reaching Sunday Standard suggests that the suspects, Benedict Dimakatso and Neo Banda, suspected to be in a love relationship, are believed to have gone to Zambia sometime around February this year where, in Livingstone, they booked themselves in lodges and five-star hotels claiming to be Botswana diplomats.

It is alleged that at checking out time, they claimed that the Botswana government would pay, insisting that as diplomats, they should be treated as diplomats.

After the hotels and lodges failed to get their payment from the Botswana government and inquired about the status of the two, they were informed that the suspects were not diplomats.

The matter was then reported to the Zambian police who requested the police through Interpol that the two should be arrested once they are located.

They were arrested in Francistown last week.

“Zambian authorities are looking for two Batswana nationals, Benedict Dimakatso and Neo Banda, who allegedly committed an offense while they were in Zambia,” Willmon Karahindi, the Director of the CID, confirmed to the Sunday Standard.

He said the two are now in custody.

“They will be extradited to Zambia and the Zambian authorities have to send the extradition papers through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs as per procedures when suspects are wanted in other countries,” Karahindi said.


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