Tuesday, July 16, 2024

Botswana denounces Israeli persecution of Palestinians

Botswana has dumped her softly-softly approach towards Israel and joined a growing number of states which are isolating the Jewish State over human rights violations.

Botswana this week emerged as a rare African voice of criticism of Israel – a brief by the United Nations Human Rights Council Resolution says. 

The brief suggests Botswana was one of the African nations which were vocal in supporting a launch into an international investigation into alleged crimes and human rights violations committed by Israel against Palestinian groups in Gaza and “systematic” abuses in the occupied Palestinian territories and inside Israel.

While Botswana had been voting in favour of the peaceful resolution of the conflict between Israel and Palestine over the years, for the first time, the UN resolution mentions Botswana as one of the nations that was vocal in denouncing the recent violent attacks against some Palestinians. 

The report says that Botswana representatives were among those intervening during the discussion and condemned the recent attacks against Palestinians in the strongest terms.

Prior to the adoption of the resolution by the UN human rights body, Botswana signaled her intensions to break with its tradition of adopting a soft diplomatic stance when dealing with Israel.

In a press statement Botswana “noted with concern the ongoing fighting between the Israeli military forces and the Palestinian militants (Hamas) in the Gaza strip of Jerusalem.”

The statement said: “Government of Botswana strongly condemned the escalation of the attacks and calls for a ceasefire.”

Botswana said then it was necessary to avoid any further causalities in the conflict which risked developing into a fully-fledged war.

The report suggests that diplomatic representatives from Botswana were among those that denounced the “unjustified escalation of violence against Palestinians.”

Opening the session, UN’s human rights boss Michelle Bachelet condemned Israel’s recent attacks warning that the attacks which reportedly killed more than 200 Palestinians are likely to constitute war crimes. 

The tradition had been that Botswana had been bucking the growing international trend to to boycott. But since the change of guard, Botswana appears

During former President Ian Khama’s administration, while the international community seemed to be moving away from Israel, Botswana on the other hand had been strengthening its relationship with the Benjamin Netanyahu led government since former President Ian Khama ascended to the presidency in 2008. 

The military diplomacy between Botswana Israel proceeds with the same mantras as in the sixties and seventies: military support, intelligence logistics and agricultural technology as a bonus. 


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