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Botswana fails to address human development

April 11 2010: Botswana continues to perform dismally when it comes to issues of human development. Although placed at the fore front of the fight against HiV/AIDS, Botswana government has been outperformed by several countries when it came to issues of dealing with poverty, health and educational problems.

However, Botswana government was placed at position 3 within the African continent for its initiatives for sustainable economic opportunities with its effort ranked at 68.3, after Tunisia’s 69.6 and Mauritius’s 80.3.

The research, carried out on the country’s sustainable economic opportunity, was more concerned with a country’s economic management, the private sectors’ involvement in the economy, infrastructure of the country and the environment and rural sectors.

The statements above were revealed in a study carried out by a branch of the Mo Ibrahim Foundation, the Ibrahim index of African Governance (IIAG) which ranked Botswana fourth with 73.6 out of 100 points from a total of 53 African countries in accordance to the principles it attached to good governance.

Botswana was also ranked second within the southern African region after excelling above the regional level with 58.1 points.
On the issue of human development, the government of Tunisia was given 89.9 out of 100 for its governance on health, poverty and educational matters, so far amongst the highest ratings given to a country within the continent.

Botswana‘s 68.2 rating on human development saw the country lose its consistency of being placed within Africa’s top 5 as it slid to a mere position 11.

IIAG is well known for its assessment of African countries governments that it claims informs citizens to hold their governments and public institutions to account.

The IIAG measures the delivery by governments and non-state actors within a country by using indicators such as the Safety and rule of law, Participation and human rights, sustainable economic opportunity and human development.

The category of safety and rule of law comprised of personal safety, rule of law, accountability and corruption and issues of national security. The category of Participation and human rights comprised of the strength of democracy, human rights and issues of gender equality.

As mentioned before, Sustainable economic opportunity was more concerned with countries’ economic management, the private sectors, infrastructure and the environment and rural sectors. The fourth pillar of the IIAG, human development dealt mainly with major issues surrounding poverty and health as well as African countries’ main concern, education.

Sothern Africa beat North Africa, West Africa, Central Africa and East Africa to become the best performing region within Africa as it topped the categories of Safety rule and law as well as participation and human rights. It however came second in the categories of sustainable economic opportunity and human development.

In southern Africa, the only country to beat Botswana in the overall rankings was Mauritius which scored a total of 82.8 out of a 100. Neighbour Zimbabwe didn’t fare quite as well as they only reached 31.3 out of a 100.Our other neighbor South Africa was ranked 5th on the continental level.
Botswana’s main strength was focused on the safety and rule of law with 85.0 out of a 100, topped only by Mauritius and Cape Verde. When it came to participation and human rights, Botswana‘s 72.8 came fourth after South Africa‘s 77.0, Cape Verde’s 79.6 and Ghana’s 75.2.


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