Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Botswana Government Workers Union on verge of collapse

The resignation of the Botswana Government Workers Union (BOGOWU) president and has triggered fears that the union could as well be on the verge of collapsing.

Information gathered by this publication indicates that tempers are likely to flare at the union’s special council meeting scheduled for the 29th of June. The meeting has been called specifically to address issues surrounding fears that the union could be headed for disintegration.

With the resignation of its president, Daniel Mogolele, and his vice, Keineemang Makabeletso, the executive committee is now run by two members while the other four are reportedly on a go slow.

While the union is understood to have bought a vehicle, it appears the executive has failed to explain where it is and what it is doing.

Mogolele confirmed in an interview that he is no longer the president of BOGOWU as he had resigned from the position.

Although he refused to discuss his resignation, he cited ill health as the underlying reason.

“I am not well and therefore am unable to perform my duties as the president of the union,” he said curtly.

His deputy briefly said she is staying in Ghanzi, therefore, was unable to attend to issues concerning the union.

She added that she has not been informed about the resignation of her president.

BOGOWU secretary general, Kaboda Philip, confirmed Mogolele’s resignation.

“It is true that the president has resigned from his position on account of ill health,” said Philip.

He explained that though the president had resigned, he had pleaded with him to attend the union’s general council that will be held on the 29th at Tlkoweng where his resignation will be announced officially. A number of issues will also be discussed in preparation for the congress that will be held sometime next month, according to Philip.

He refuted the allegations that the executive is divided, explaining that only two members are basically not willing to cooperate with the rest.

The general secretary said what hurts most is the fact that those two have apparently lost interest and are no longer actively involved in the union.

He explained that the union is currently run by only two executive members who are the secretary general as well as the treasurer.

“One has to admit that the organization is run by two people so far,” he revealed.

He dismissed allegations that the vehicle that was bought by the union is nowhere to be found.
He said that the union bought a car but, unfortunately, “the car broke down and what worsened the situation is that its spare parts are hard to find, as a result the car is with the garage and we hope they will be able to get the spares”.

He denied that the union is on the verge of collapsing despite prevailing differences.

Philip is optimistic that after the meeting of the 29th, the situation will normalize as they are eager to iron out and resolve all the nagging differences.


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