Thursday, May 30, 2024

Botswana is in the grip of muddled economic thinking as it bans maize and sorghum imports/exports

There are a few simple and basic aspects that are lost on many leaders in the developing world including Botswana. It is this: the government leaders work for us ordinary people. This means that we do not work for them.  It also implies that many people who make their living outside the public service such as farmers, business people,  clergymen, taxi operators, craftsmen,  informal traders, and pensioners to mention but a few, are the bosses of the very people we send to parliament or Council every four years.  

That fact that we give these leaders all sorts of venerable titles such as His Excellency, His Honour, Honourable Member of Parliament, His Worship the Mayor, or Honourable Councillor does not, as it were, alter the fact that they work for us and not the other way round.  We merely offer them such tiles partly as a mark of respect for the offices that they behold and nothing more.  It is true that once in a while they choose to remember that they work for us when it is time to canvass for public office

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