Friday, July 1, 2022

Botswana Karate Association receives sponsorship from Japan

The Botswana Karate Association has won sponsorship from Japan. This will see the association building a training center.

Speaking to The Sunday Standard, the president of BOKA, Gift Nkwe, said the sponsorship is one of their biggest achievements for the year 2009.

“We have won a sponsorship from Japan and with this sponsorship, we are going to build a training center, which is to be completed by March next year,” he said.

He also added that for the year 2009, they had achieved a lot, stating that, in terms of tournaments, they had managed to bring home medals from the ZONE VI Championships and the Commonwealth Games.

“In terms of tournaments, we have managed to win medals at ZONE VI championships and, of course, being runners-up to South Africa,” Nkwe said.

Nkwe further said they had also seen growth from their affiliates, adding that they had also managed to host their own tournaments, which saw participation from a lot of members.
“Our affiliates also had a lot of activities, which contributed a lot to the growth of the sport as a whole,” he said.

“However, we also had challenges, our biggest being the issue of funds. It was evident throughout the year that we had insufficient funds, which led to us not being able to compete in tournaments like World Championships,” he noted, adding that it had been two years without sending a single team for the World Championships simply because they could not afford the costs involved.


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