Thursday, June 13, 2024

Botswana offers optimum business practice ÔÇô G4s Plc CEO

Being the only security company listed on the Botswana Stock Exchange, G4S continues to make a huge impact on the economy of the country.

As part of his Africa business tour, the G4S Group Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Nicholas Buckles, and his executive team visited Botswana from London Head Office for two days.

The CEO of the world’s leading security company and his delegation chose to visit Botswana amongst five other African countries including Mozambique, Zambia, Kenya and South Africa.

G4S Group CEO Nicholas Buckles in his statement said that G4S affords Botswana business units a wide range of opportunities, chief among them being best business practice. He revealed that the company has collaboration with the police in almost all of the countries worldwide.

“Botswana has good levels of service, has always had large market share and this will continue to make a huge impact on the economy of the country,” said Buckles. He revealed that the company has a 25 percent market share in the United States of America, 25 percent in the United Kingdom and 20 percent in Europe. According to Buckles, G4S exists in 120 countries worldwide and it is the second largest employer worldwide.

In his remarks, Acting Managing Director of G4S Botswana, Molefe Matlhape, thanked Buckles for choosing Botswana as one of the countries to visit in his mission. He said that G4S Botswana has always had support from stakeholders, which led to a lot of achievement in the company.

“Botswana’s Business Unit is indeed one of the best in Africa and this visit is an inspiration for us to even aspire to do better,” said Matlhape. He also stated that Botswana received the “Best Business Unit of the 2009” award in Africa.

G4S Botswana has elevated the spirits of the students in different schools across the country by sponsoring their prize giving ceremonies. This was from the budget allocated to this kind of activities.

“We are sincerely looking to give assistance as well as support where there is need like education in the society,” said Matlhape.

With the tag-line “securing your world”, the company basically offers cash solution services, secure monitoring and response services, security system, and manned security. G4S Botswana has access to highly specialized security expertise to airports, mines, custodial services, hospitals and financial institutions. The company is reported to be based in 29 Africa countries with 40 years of existence in Africa.

Buckles, together with G4S Regional President for Africa, Ian Nisbet, Regional Managing Director for South and Central Africa, Karel Meyer, and other Executive committee members on Tuesday enjoyed a game drive at Mokolodi Nature Reserve, 3km from the city centre. It was then followed by a cocktail at the same place.


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