Monday, February 26, 2024

Botswana police infiltrated by Zimbabweans?

Botswana Police Service security clearance system’ has come under scrutiny after it emerged that some of its serving officers could be citizens of Zimbabwe.

One of the constable officers has been suspended under mysterious circumstances after he was allegedly suspected of being a Zimbabwean.

For the past two years Constable Themba Jiya of Gaborone Central Police has been discriminated with some officers allegedly slapping him with trumped up charges.

Sources said that Jiya is at the centre of investigations by Botswana Police intelligence Unit over his nationality.

Extension 2 Magistrate Court last year September cleared him of any wrong doing.

The court also found him to be a Motswana and not a Zimbabwean.

Yet Jiya is still on suspension.

He is also on full salary.

Contacted for Comment, Botswana Police Service Chief Spokesperson, Witness Bosija was at pain to explain why Jiya was serving suspension.

“What I know is that Jiya is still a police officer and I’m not in a position to share any outcome of the court and anything relating to this matter with the media. In short I cannot discuss the employer -employee relations with the third party,” said Bosija. 

When contacted for comment, the 32 year old Jiya who hails from Jackals in the North East District could not talk to this publication saying he was not authorised to speak to the media.

Some sections of police officers interviewed by this publication have said it has become a challenge for the identity of their colleagues especially when one of the parents of an officer originates from Zimbabwe and the other parent is from Botswana.  

“The leadership will accuse us of favouring illegal Zimbabwean immigrants even though some of them are innocent with proper permits documents to stay and work in Botswana. We will therefore be called for questioning and our identities would be scrutinised as evidenced by one of colleague at Central Police Service (CPS) who is on suspension and accused of being a Zimbabwean,” said one of the officers.

He added that Jiya has been working for the Police service since 2010 while employed as special Constable at Tati Town Police in Francistown till promoted to rank of Constable after his training at Otse Police College in 2012.”


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