Thursday, April 25, 2024

Botswana Postal Services to be sued

The Botswana Postal Services Union is considering taking Botswana Postal Services to Court over exit packages it is offering its 300 members who have been earmarked for early exit.

This according to Onkemetse Disang of Botswana Postal Services Union.

She said that the decision to consider taking BPS to Court was reached after realization that what they have been offered was far less than what they have proposed.

“What they are offering us is far below what we have proposed to them that is why we are considering taking them to Court,” she said.

Asked what BPS is saying was the reason they were offering them far below what they had proposed, Disang said the explanation they were given was that BPS does not have enough funds to meet their proposals.

She said that what they fear as a Union was that they were being sent home empty handed after having worked for BPS for many years.

“It seems that all our sacrifices for BPS were in vain as we are now being sent home empty handed,” she lamented.

One of the affected employees, who spoke on condition of anonymity, concurred with Disang on complaints that they had been offered “peanuts” as exit packages.

“I could not believe what I read was my exit package; it was so shocking to learn that after all the sacrifices we were being offered as little as that. We are literally being dumped after having been used,” she protested.

This follows after it was recently announced that Botswana Savings Bank was being merged with BPS in order to take banking services to far flung corners of the country in order to improve financial service delivering in the country.

Efforts to get a comment from BPS Public Relations Officer Bok were futile as she was reported to be on leave.


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