Sunday, July 14, 2024

Botswana productivity still low-Chandna

Botswana National Productivity Acting Executive Director Parmod Chandna has encouraged the Private Sector to increase their productivity levels.

In an interview with Sunday Standard, Chandna noted that the macro economic data shows that there are moderate increases in productivity across the economy but, however, the private sector is lagging behind in implementing productivity improvements initiatives.

For the private sector, manufacturing sector productivity level stands at 2.8 percent whilst the Service Industry is at 7.6 percent.

“Productivity levels are high in Government and Allied sectors but the private sector is struggling,” he said.

Chandna acknowledged some of the performance improvement schemes that were adopted by the Government and allied sectors as having had a slightly positive effect on productivity.
He, however, noted that on the overall, productivity levels of Botswana as a country in comparison with other countries remains low, thereby justifying an upscale of productivity improvement interventions.

The core mandate of the BNPC is to enhance the level of productivity in all the sectors to enable individuals and organisations through training and consulting to be productive and competitive.
Chandna advised that the BNPC has partnered with BOBS and LEA in an attempt to have the real cause of the low productivity being tackled.

Also to enroll the Private sector even the SMME’s to increase their productivity levels; through identifying gaps existing within individual companies and mitigating them.

He emphasised that productivity does not entail efficiency instead it also recognises that the end product must be something the consumer wants to purchase or use.

He added that the low productivity in the private sector is affecting the Government initiative of Economic Diversification ultimately affecting the country GDP. Chandna pointed out that “If the low levels continue, foreign and domestic investment will be diverted elsewhere, and Botswana will be faced with a worsening unemployment problem and its associated ills, such as poverty.”

He also commented on the quality of the products saying the quality of services and products is not competitive. This is having an ultimate effect on the country competitiveness on the global economy. Consumers abroad will have little interest in our products if they are not of high quality, competitively priced and delivered on time,” he said. He encouraged the Business sector to aspire to attain the Vision 2016 goals.


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