Wednesday, October 4, 2023

Botswana readies to open first Textile Training Institute

Botswana will soon open the first of its kind training institution called Textile and Clothing Institute of Botswana (TCIB). The highly anticipated training institution which has been approved by the Botswana Qualifications Authority (BQA) will address skills shortage in the sector, which has evoked a keen sense of sadness over the years.

The president of the Botswana Textile and Clothing Association Shahid Ghafoor said the institution was offering one year certificate courses in clothing manufacturing in a bid to address skills shortage in the textile sector. All the programmes that are being offered have been designed by clothing industry professionals from the textile and clothing industry. The courses, known as certificate in clothing manufacture, will have three levels covering cutting, embroidery, design and pattern making, garment assembly, sewing, commercial sewing skills and mechanics.

The textile sector has hit turbulence over the past few years. B&B Garments managing director, Krishna Chinniah recently confirmed that B&M Garments (Pty), the Tonota-based textile manufacturers, is on the verge of collapse as they struggle to recover from high operational costs, low sales and have been hit hard by skills shortages.

Amongst other things, the TCIB will offer enrollees with face-to-face teaching, hands-on learning and workforce development in order to curb the chronic shortage of a skilled and competitive workforce.

Textile and Clothing Institute of Botswana is located at Gaborone West Industrial, Gaborone. Their mission is to facilitate sustainable development of the regional and local textile and clothing industry by nurturing a competent workforce with specialised skills. Recruitment of personnel is currently underway.


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