Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Botswana records improvement in Aviation Standards

The Civil Aviation Authority of Botswana has recorded an improvement in the Effective Implementation of International Safety Standards. This was revealed in a communiqu├® from the European Commission (EU) Directorate for Mobility and Transport which revealed that Botswana’s ranking of 71 percent is above the world average of 63.44 percent.

According to the European Commission, the significant improvement in the implementation of international safety standards and the available safety information show a strong development of Civil Aviation Authority of Botswana. They also add that there are no “remaining negative trends relating to the safety of air carriers certified in Botswana which would form a reason for concern from an aviation safety perspective.”

“The results of the ICAO coordinated validation mission are an improvement of the effective implementation of international safety standards up to 71 percent. Based on the result, ICAO confirmed on 31 December 2015 that both SSCs have been resolved. The CAAB has provided additional information on the safety oversight on air carriers certified in Botswana,” the EU regulatory body’s communiqu├® to Botswana stated.

The Chief Executive Officer of CAAB, Geoffrey Mashabesha, expressed optimism and confidence over the improved ranking and applauded external partners that worked tirelessly with the Authority to bring this achievement to fruition. Commenting on the communique, he said “This increased ranking is testament to the hard work and dedication of the Board, management and staff of CAAB.”

In 2015, the Civil Aviation Authority Botswana cautioned and admitted that Botswana could still be blacklisted by the EU due to “significant safety concerns” that have been identified at the country’s major aviation infrastructure.

 “Although we do not have direct flights to and from the EU, the ban could harm our tourism in the sense that member states could instruct their citizens not to fly into Botswana which would be disastrous to the tourism sector,” CAAB Chief Executive Officer, Geoffrey Mashabesha said at the time.


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