Tuesday, July 16, 2024

Botswana students facing danger in South Africa

Botswana Secondary School Teachers Union (BOSETU) this week reported incidents where Batswana students studying in South Africa were nearly killed in the ongoing wave of xenophobic attacks.

South African citizens’ recent attack on foreigners has caused concern among countries that have sent their students there for studies.

Many have lost their lives. Initially, Botswana believed the attacks were confined to Zimbabweans. BOSETU says it now has reason to believe the attacks have been extended to other foreigners, among them Botswana citizens.

In an interview with The Sunday Standard, BOSETU’s new president, Baraedi Royal Lekabe, demanded that all Botswana students in South Africa be brought home before disaster strikes. Lekabe said they had already received reports of near fatalities of Botswana students living in some of the targeted areas.

BOSETU argues that even though their union mainly protects teachers’ welfare, they are deeply disturbed by the tragic events and are willing to petition for their safety because some of the scholars are training to be teachers.

In making their stand public, BOSETU hopes to influence other organizations to join ranks in a bid to rescue Botswana students before it’s too late.

BOSETU made these statements at a press conference to announce the resignation of its long time president, Eric Ditau, who has been with the organization from 1997.

Ditau will be leaving to join the civil service. Other members remain in their current positions.


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