Thursday, May 23, 2024

Botswana surgeon wins prestigious U.S. award

A Botswana surgeon, Dr Anthony Sibiya, added a gold star to his curriculum vitae after he won the prestigious American College of Surgeons award at an awards ceremony held in San Francisco, California, USA.

It was a date worth noting at this year’s American College of Surgeons Awards as Batswana continued in their bid to raise the country’s flag high.

Dr Sibiya’s career officially began in 1995 at the Brooklyn Hospital Center, having served as a resident surgeon for five years after medical school. He is currently with the Gaborone Private Hospital and was recognized for having attained the necessary training, knowledge and skill required by the College to be granted this Fellowship.

Sibiya is a surgeon, a doctor specialising in diseases that require a surgical approach to their cure or to improving the quality of life for those afflicted with certain diseases.

“There is no greater recognition than that from ones’ peers, and it is a source of great pride that I was deemed fit to be awarded a Fellowship┬á and deemed to have achieved the knowledge and skill required for this award.” Conceded Sibiya.

He further noted that this honour represents the greatest recognition from his associates in the medical fraternity and is a “source of great pride” that the American College of Surgeons found it fitting to select him among the rest as a worthy recipient.

The American College of Surgeons was set up in 1913 and has the motto “Inspiring Quality; Higher Standards, Better Outcome.”

It was established to improve the quality of care for the surgical patient by setting high standards for surgical education and practice. Among others the ACS sponsors the education medical program to keep surgeons abreast of the latest medical technology. They also conduct programs through the commission on cancer to improve cancer care and treatment. The general public is also provided with general information about surgery and surgical care through the ACS.

To get the award, one is recognised by the Board of Regents, consisting of renowned surgeons, that one has attained the educational levels and skill to meet the rigorous and high requirements of the College.

“The award is given to surgeons who, in the opinion of the Board of Regents, have attained the necessary training, knowledge and skill required by the College to be granted a Fellowship,” said Sibiya.


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