Monday, February 26, 2024

Botswana tells Malema to EFF off

Julius Malema’s comments about forcing change in Botswana may come back to bite him as he attempts to apply for a visa to attend an Umbrella for Democratic Change rally in the country next month.

Botswana has reportedly gazette-listed Malema as the only South African who needs a visa to visit the country after he called for a change in government in Botswana when he was the leader of the ANC Youth League. Despite having a diplomatic passport since becoming a Member of Parliament, Malema still needs to apply for a visa to go to Botswana.

A spokesperson for the Umbrella for Democratic Change, Rasina Rasina, said that it was hoping that the Botswana government granted Malema a visa to attend its rally, as he was seen as a “revolutionary” by the country’s youth.

“He is seen as a revolutionary among the young people here in Botswana,” Rasina said in a Cape Argus report.

“They are very excited about him arriving… But, we are not sure if this is even happening so we will have to wait and see.”

The UDC is looking to unseat Botswana president Ian Khama’s government in the country’s elections later this year.

The Cape Argus reported that the Department of International Relations and Co-operation would not interfere in the matter. Department spokesperson Clayson Monyela said that it was up to Botswana to decide on granting Malema a visa.

“It’s up to Botswana whether their laws will allow for someone to enter their country,” Monyela said.


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