Saturday, May 28, 2022

Botswana told to tap into North West Province investment & tourism opportunities

South African North West Parks and Tourism Board has called on Botswana to join forces in boosting tourism and trade in the SADC region.

“There is need to work together with Botswana as it is a critical partner in the development of tourism in the region as it is a gateway into the SADC region from all corners,” said Chief Executive Officer North West Parks and Tourism Board, Allan Losaba.

He said the partnership is much critical than ever before as tourism lives forever and is becoming a competitive industry.

Losaba said the business opportunities existing in tourism in Botswana and the North West Province will attract innumerable investors in ecotourism.

“If we work jointly and take advantage of natural resources in our countries, we can attract investment in the region,” he said, adding that “we should look into what investment we can promote together, share calendars and plan together because we want to create sustainable jobs in the region that will grow economies of the region and in the different countries”.

He urged Botswana to consider investing in South Africa as they will be able to access a broader market than local market.

“We need to see Botswana doing more, coming to South Africa saying this is what we have come and invested,” he said.

Losaba urged Botswana to consider tourism economy in its economic diversification drive.

Botswana and North West province are united by geography, history and language.

The North West Parks & Tourism Board of South Africa was in Gaborone on 14th ÔÇô 16th July 2011 disseminating information about the province and its diverse product offerings.

In addition allow Botswana to engage with product owners from the North West Province about their products and pave way for possible collaborations.

Losaba said there are plenty of investment opportunities in North West Province that Botswana can venture into.

North West Parks and Tourism Board is a governmental organisation responsible for maintaining wilderness areas and public nature reserves in North West Province, South Africa.


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