Wednesday, July 24, 2024

Botswana upholds UN counter terrorism initiatives

The Ministry of Defense, Justice and Security recently held a United Nations Security Council Counter Terrorism Committee session in Gaborone. Segakweng Tsiane, the Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Defense, Justice and Security, said Botswana ascribes to the ideals that terrorism is one of the greatest threats to socio economic programmes anywhere in the world.

“It hinders in its form values of dialogue, peace and tolerance,” said Tsiane. She added that Botswana fully supports the mandate of the UN Security Council to prevent, combat and eradicate terrorism in all its manifestations as per Security Council Resolution.

Tsiane said while this country remains committed to full and effective implementation of its international obligations in the fight against terrorism and related crimes, resource limitations have posed challenges relating to comprehensive and integrated implementation of counter terrorism.
“Despite resource constraints, Botswana has made progress by way of creating strong legislative environment against terrorism and its proceeds by either amending or enacting new legislation,” said Tsiane.

She further said the visit, which was mutually agreed by the UN and the Botswana’s National Counter Terrorism Committee, will provide an opportunity for the team to transfer knowledge on concepts and frame works for developing a national programme for counter terrorism to technical experts from relevant departments dealing with border Control, law enforcement, legal issues, international cooperation and financing.

Stating in total the number of pieces of legislation, Tsiane said 13 are in place to be utilized in anti terrorism activities and related crime, such as money laundering, irregular migration, aviation security and stringent customs control with the net result of disrupting the movement of terrorists, their wares and finances.

Tsiane also affirmed that Botswana maintains that an integral part of the fight against terrorism includes maintenance of credibility and impartiality by all, including government and civil society, in order that the legitimacy of their judicial and executive action is preserved.


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