Tuesday, July 5, 2022

Botswana Volleyball Federation gets P150 000 sponsorship

BMW Capital Motors yesterday doubled the sponsorship money towards the Capital Motors volleyball tournament.
Capital Motors last year donated P75 000 towards the same tournament, which is held annually.

Speaking at the sponsorship launch yesterday, Michael Masunga of Capital Motors said they are proud to be associated with the BVF as both parties uphold the principles of Vision 2016.
“As we enter our second year of sponsorship with the BVF, I would be failing in my duty if I did not call upon the federation as well as its affiliates to embrace change,” said Masunga.

He said that we now live in a world of change and change is inevitable.
“Let me bring it to the attention of members of BVF present here that companies will not be willing to sponsor sporting bodies that do not take initiative and become active,” he said.
He further said that time had come for sporting bodies to seriously start branding themselves so that they naturally attract sponsors, instead of going cap in hand, begging for sponsorship.

“Branding has now become part and parcel of today’s paradigm and, as such, every company or corporate body will want to associate itself with a branded sports code, for better and bankable returns,” said Masunga.

He pointed out that teams need to take initiatives to attract their own sponsors as that is the only means local teams would realize their goals and become professional. He said that we are coming to the end of the era where teams stay inactive just waiting for the BVF to organize sponsorships and tournaments.

“It is my considered opinion that affiliate teams are equal partners in this game and have an equally important role to play as much as the federation does,” he said. He urged teams to prepare accordingly for the tournament and each team to aim for a win.
Sunday Standard spoke to the Vice President Technical of the BVF, George Keotsene, who acknowledged the sponsorship.

“It is commendable to be getting this much, a one hundred percent increase from Capital Motors. We are trying to build a strong partnership with Capital Motors and therefore strive for excellence,” said Keotsene.

The tournament is expected to kick off on the 10th of October and involves all affiliates of the Botswana Volleyball Federation. It starts with the men’s team at Mahalapye, followed by preliminary games for ladies on the 24th of October in Gaborone. While the top eight and semi finals will be on the 31st to the 1st November, the finals of the tournament will be on the 7th November.


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