Monday, June 24, 2024

Botswana wildlife officers convicted in Zimbabwe

After languishing for weeks in a Zimbabwean jail, three wildlife game scouts have been released after being fined US $100 (P695) each for illegally entering Zimbabwe.

The three, who appeared before a Zimbabwe magistrate court in Victoria Falls, were convicted of making illegal entry into Zimbabwe.

In an interview with The Telegraph, Minister of Defence, Justice and Security, Dikgakgamatso Seretse, revealed that the three employees were already on their way to Botswana after the Botswana embassy in Zimbabwe paid the fines.

“The information I received through my office is that they each have been fined US$100 and the embassy has already paid for them,” said Seretse.
Seretse said that the officers were, however, not charged for possession of rifles. The three were found in possession of two fire arms.

“I am reliably informed that they are on their way to Botswana,” said Seretse.
The three government employees based in Kasane were detained in Zimbabwe after they lost their way while tracking a lion which had killed two cows in Lesoma village.

The three men, aged between 27 and 34, were driving a government vehicle and are reported to have gotten lost on their hunt for the lion. They were later apprehended by Zimbabwean authorities.


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