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Botswana’s first big budget movie now being shot on location

April 4 2010: Drawing inspiration from President Ian Khama’s State of the Nation address last year, a Zimbabwean playwright and film producer, Tinashe Jonas, picked up on the president’s hint and put into art the President’s message on youth immorality.

Jonas has revealed that the upcoming movie, Monate, is about how young people tend to satisfy their insatiable appetite for alcohol, drugs and sexual desires at the expense of self development. He noted that the purpose of the movie is to encourage the nation to work together and help fight social ills and empower the youth with skills and knowledge on self reliance.

According to Jonas, who is the scriptwriter and producer, the movie is aimed at portraying some of the challenges that youth are faced with in their day to day lives and the dire consequences that come with the myopic decisions they make.

He said he had taken the burden upon himself to send the message to his fellow youth because he believes youth can decode the message with an open mind when fellow mates send out the message.
Monate will be one hour twenty minutes long and it will be 60 percent English and 40 percent Setswana with English subtitles.

Jonas revealed that Vula Vala Productions is intentionally working with new actors to help unearth new acting talent.
Monate will also depict some of the root causes of youth’s immoral behavior. In the movie, there is a young girl called Lebo who is sexually abused by the stepfather at the age of 14.
Due to excessive psychological trauma that she goes through after the abuse, Lebo runs away from home and resorts to stripping, drug abuse and eventually becoming a commercial sex worker to earn a living.

Jonas said he believes this would help policymakers when they craft laws. Lorna Dintwe, who is Lebo in the movie, is a Limkokwing undergraduate student pursuing a degree in Interior Design.
Jonas said this is a milestone achievement for Botswana as a country and Batswana should take pride in it.

Monate marks the beginning of diversification in the art industry because music has been dominating the entertainment industry.

Jonas revealed that the big budget movie is expected to be out sometime in July and will be screened at the cinemas.

Jonas is appealing to the Government and the public for moral and financial support, saying the movie is entirely for Batswana in which Batswana are the actors.
Vula Vala productions is inviting youths who have talent in art to come and display their abilities and to get employment through arts and fulfill their dream.

Youths are advised that the services will be offered at no cost.
Jonas confirmed that the project has been helpful to many talented youths but had nowhere to showcase their talent.

He said about 200 youths have found employment through this project. As such, he pleaded, the government should intervene and sponsor more of these projects for they help in the fight against unemployment and also in poverty reduction.

Jonas confirmed that the soundtrack for the movie has already.


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