Saturday, April 1, 2023

Botswana’s imports, exports surge

The International Merchandise Trade Statistics (IMTS) monthly report presented statistics on Botswana’s total imports and exports where goods as at the end of July 2014, were valued at P4, 608.6 million, showing an increase of 26.0 percent (P950.9 million) from the revised June 2014 value of P3, 657.7 million.

When annualizing total import figures, July 2014 imports value increased by 7.2 percent (P308.0 million) from the July 2013 value of P4, 300.6 million.

Regarding total exports, in July 2014 total exports were valued at P6, 090.4 million, a decrease of 8.5 percent (P565.7 million) from the June 2014 revised value of P6, 656.1 million.Comparison of July 2014 total exports value to that of July 2013 (P6, 897.2 million) shows a decrease of 11.7 percent (P806.8 million).

“Machinery and Electrical Equipment and Meat & Meat Products contributed 2.2 percent each with (P135.8 million) and (P135.3 million) respectively to total exports during the month under review. Copper/Nickel contributed 2.1 percent (P128.4 million) to total exports during the same month,” reads the report.

A close look at imports by region and major trading partners indicate that imports for July 2014 were valued at P4, 608.6 million, with 74.0 percent (P3, 411.4 million) from South Africa and 2.3 percent (P103.7 million) from Namibia. The European Union (EU) supplied imports valued at P693.7 million, representing 15.1 percent of total imports during July 2014. Imports from the EU were mainly from Belgium with a contribution of 10.4 percent (P479.0 million) and the United Kingdom (UK) with 2.6 percent (P118.6 million) of total imports during July 2014.

Also during the period under review, imports from Asia were valued at P246.4 million, representing 5.3 percent of total imports. China and Israel contributed 1.7 percent (P80.1 million) and 1.3 percent (P60.4 million)respectively, to total imports recorded during the month.

On the other side, exports by region and major partner countries total exports for July 2014 were valued at P6, 090.4 million, with 41.2 percent (P2, 511.8 million) destined to Asia. India received most of exports destined to Asia at the value of P1, 102.9 million, representing 18.1 percent of total exports. Still within the same region, Israel received 8.4 percent (P513.0 million), UAE 4.8 percent (P292.8 million) while Singapore and Hong Kong received 4.3 percent each at values of P262.3 million and P261.9 million respectively.

Exports destined to the EU were valued at P2, 140.6 million, representing 35.1 percent of total exports during the period under review. Belgium received most exports destined to EU at 33.1 percent, representing P2, 018.7 million while the UK got 1.3 percent (P78.1 million) of total exports.

South Africa and Namibia received 10.0 percent (P611.0 million) and 2.4 percent (P147.8 million) respectively, of total exports during the month under review. Exports to Switzerland and the USA were valued at P308.8 million (5.1 percent) and P180.6 million (3.0 percent) respectively.


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