Thursday, February 29, 2024

BotswanaPost diversifies for revenue growth

The Chief Executive of the Botswana Communication Regulatory Authority (BOCRA), Thari Pheko, has said that the newly opened Hukuntsi Post Office is one the offices that were part of a pilot project by the Ministry in an effort to offer technology services to Batswana through the Kitsong centres.

Opening the Hukuntsi Post Office building on Thursday, Pheko said that BotswanaPost is on a journey to transform, modernise and diversify the post business.

Pheko noted that some of the services already enjoyed by both the rural and urban communities include payments of social benefits, prepaid electricity and the renewal of vehicle licenses at all post offices.

“As we are working tirelessly to bring the e-government services to Batswana, we are already confident that the post office will be able to serve as our terminal point for these services,” said Pheko.

He stated that the futuristic model post office has enhanced security, facilities for people with special needs and has provision for an Automated Teller Machine (ATM) outside.

“I am content with the post strategy and I continue to share the momentous achievements with the post team,” he said.

BotswanaPost Board member, Hilda Mocuminyane-Rabashwa, said that about two years ago, they adopted an ‘icon of excellence’ strategy premised on the three themes of business growth, operational efficiency and service excellence. She added that they have been accelerating diversification of products and services for revenue growth.

“We have continued to modernize our infrastructure as evidenced by the refurbishment carried out in post offices around the country,” said Mocuminyane-Rabashwa.

She added that launching the technology projects has enabled them to automate all the post office counters around the country, saying that it has been a big step towards achieving their vision as it sets the foundation and creates opportunities for businesses.

“We acknowledge that for many years in the past, BotswanaPost operated as a traditional postal operator. We have now evolved into a service provider of choice by leveraging on technology as well as strategic partnerships,” she stated.

Mocuminyane-Rabashwa said that it is their endeavor to connect communities to each other and the globe, as well as bridge the digital divide. She pointed out that, with the largest footprint they have around the country, they believe they are best placed to provide a one stop service centre.

“We commit to providing excellent service on behalf of those who will entrust us with delivery of service to their customers. We will continue to improve where we fall short and promise to live by our value of service excellence,” said Mocuminyane-Rabashwa.


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