Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Boxing cancels assembly as members fail to pay

The Botswana Boxing Association (BOBA) has cancelled its Ordinary General Assembly (OGA) following failure by its affiliates failed to pay their annual subscription fees.

BOBA’s spokesperson, Willoughby Kemoen, said only one out of the association’s 14 affiliates had managed to pay. Non payment of the fee means the association currently has only one formally recognised affiliate. The BOBA spokesperson said as such, the association’s executive committee met midweek and decided not to proceed with the assembly as was planned.

“To form a quorum, we need two thirds of our 14 member affiliates and had the meeting progressed, we would have formed a quorum,” Kemoen informed Standard Sport.

He said BOBA would therefore be suspending all its activities until members have paid their subscription fees. While expressing hope that no other activities, save for the cancelled OGA would be affected, he said the situation meant the Interclub boxing championship that was slated for Kang Village this coming weekend would also be cancelled if members have not paid by then.

The OGA, which was billed for the Oasis Motel in Tlokweng yesterday (Saturday), was intended to discuss some very important issues relating to boxing sport in the country. Among issues that were due for discussion at the OGA is the review of the Strategic Plan 2010 ÔÇô 2012, an update on women boxing, boxing development as well as the discussion of the Botswana National Sport Council grant allocation to BOBA.

“This is a drawback for boxing. As BOBA, we are guided by our strategic plan and failure to review and discuss it will affect our progress. Our strategic plan will be coming to an end next year and we were intending to review it and map our way forward. As the OGA is cancelled, we have to wait until members pay and only then will we be able to call another OGA,” Kemoen said in an interview. He says should members pay before the end of this week, BOBA will set a date as soon as possible for the OGA to convene again.

With regards to women boxing, Kemoen says the cancellation of the OGA means they will not get to discuss the progress made by the affiliates on women boxing. In their last assembly at Yarona Country lodge last year, BOBA had given affiliates a go ahead to start women boxing in their clubs while BOBA was trying to benchmark and map a way forward for women boxing development. Meanwhile, BOBA says it has already selected a 15 member tentative team to represent Botswana in a friendly match against South Africa on the 5th of March this year.

Kemoen says while they recognise that boxers are not affiliated to BOBA as a result of the current situation, they are still hopeful that the current situation will come to pass hence they have arranged for a camp for national team players at the end of this month.

He says the tentative team will include some of the best upcoming young boxing talent who have been showing great promise in the past year. The latest development is expected to bring more competition for the national team colours.


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