Monday, April 22, 2024

BPC blacks out BNSC stadia for unpaid bills


The Botswana Power Corporation (BPC) has not spared the Botswana National Sports Commission (BNSC) from power cuts on account of non-payment of electricity bills.

The BPC has cut some of the BNSC stadia for excessive bills that have been long overdue. This was confirmed by the BNSC, Chief Executive Officer, Falcon Sedimo, in an interview with the Sunday Standard.

The BNSC is a sport governing body which is responsible for coordinating the local sports bodies.

Last year prior to the commencement of the BTC premiership, the league chairperson, Jagdish Shah, told the media that the league has paid a lump sum to the BNSC for the use of its facilities across the country.

It is alleged the BNSC charged the league around P1.2million for the whole season of the 2018/2019. It has since emerged the league is yet to pay the BNSC for using its facilities.

“Power was cut in Lobatse and Serowe stadia due to outstanding bills and the matter is being addressed. In Serowe, power is required to articulate water, the power was disconnected and is being restored which led to unavailability of water.

Sedimo explained that for the Molepolole Sports Complex water supply from Water Utilities Corporation was disconnected a year ago owing to excessive bills. The BNSC and the ministry resorted to bowsing water for use within the stadium. “The electricity is available” explained Sedimo.

Sedimo asked how much does the BNSC owe refused to divulge information save to say the bills between BNSC and service providers are not matters for public consumption.

Asked if they have informed the premier league about the challenges they are facing, he said: “The BNSC has a policy to engage stakeholders on all important developments. BNSC are already engaging those that we have to inform. The BNSC is working with the service providers to make good the situation and users will be accordingly informed” Sedimo explained.

The situation if not resolved might impact negatively on the planned games of the BTC premiership and that of the Orange FA cup.

On the suspension of the use of the BPL matches due to the high bill, Sedimo was non committal to the allegations that the Ministry of Youth Empowerment and Culture Development has written them a letter to let the BPL continue using the stadia.

He said the communication between the BNSC and the ministry on the management of the facilities remains confidential and so he could share details from close door meetings.


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