Saturday, April 13, 2024

BPC board confident in current CEO

The Botswana Power Cooperation Board has confidence in its current Chief Executive Officer (CEO), it said this week.

“The Board has full confidence in the CEO and the management and, in fact, corporate governance arrangements and process are very strong,” BPC board Chairperson, Ewetse Rakhudu, said when responding to Sunday Standard queries.

This publication had sought to establish what necessitated an announcement by Minerals, Energy and Water Resources’ Minister, Kitso Mokaila, last week that talks are ongoing with Electricity Supply Board International (ESBI) for a two to three year management contract to manage BPC as the Corporation has a substantive CEO in Jacob Raleru.

But Rakhudu explained that the decision to consider ESBI services was made purely in the best interest of ensuring that the BPC remains a growing concern; to make it more efficient and effective to turn around its financial performance.

“This dates back to 2002 when the decision to strengthen BPC’s power generation capabilities was considered,” said Rakhudu.

Asked if there wouldn’t be a clash of roles, Rakhudu allayed such fears explaining that the ESBI will work closely with the CEO, providing the required support and guidance.

“The detail pertaining to the specific roles and responsibilities of ESBI will be determined once the proposal from ESBI has been received, evaluated and decisions taken accordingly on how to operationalise the agreed strategy,” she said.

According to Rakhudu, she met a team from ESBI, which was in the country and she is awaiting their report on their findings.

“It is important to note that overtime, BPC operations have not grown substantially but have also become complex and sophisticated, necessitating a comprehensive review of its structure and function, to ensure that relevance and effectiveness,” said Rakhudu.

She added that “a very good example is the BPC changing role from primarily distributing imported power to now becoming a major generator and transmitter.”


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