Wednesday, October 20, 2021

BPL audit is for ‘management’s eyes only’

Local football followers as well as the general public may never get to know the contents of the ongoing Botswana Premier League (BPL) forensic audit.

This revelation was made by the Botswana Football Association (BFA) acting Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Susan Lawrence.

Responding to a questionnaire from this publication, Lawrence said the findings of the Forensic Audit would be confidential.

 “The finding will only be available to management and not to the public,” Lawrence explained.

While the acting BFA CEO’s revelations will come as a snub to the football loving public, who have always wanted to know whether it was needed, it is however consistent with what the BFA has always said that it is “for the eyes of the management only.”  

In what has been the narrative of the BFA and BPL sanctioned forensic audit, the association has continued to refuse to even divulge its scope and terms of reference, a hardline stance which has not changed even up to date.

“This is confidential,” Lawrence said in a terse response when asked about the scope and terms of reference. 

The acting BFA CEO also refused to shed much light on the “identifiable and tangible basis on which the forensic audit was commissioned, but said it was to check “administration and financial processes that were being followed at the BPL”.

Meanwhile, the forensic auditors are said to have been in the country to continue their work. According to sources, the auditors spent only three days in the country before heading back to their base in South Africa. 

Asked to comment, Lawrence explained that the auditors “have been given a temporary permit of one month and the time they will spend here will be determined on whether they are satisfied with what they have been asked to do”.  

The engagement of forensic audit follows the BPL board resolution of the alleged mismanagement of funds and maladministration by suspended CEO, Bennett Mamelodi. 

The Botswana Institute of Chartered Accountants (BICA), prior to the start of the audit, has sought clarity on the mandate of the firm that BPL has engaged to conduct audit.  Asked whether the company had been approved by BICA, Lawrence said: “BICA does not give permission but only checks if the skills needed are not available in the country. The forensic auditors have been given work permit by Labour.”

The audit is being carried out by South African audit firm, ADM Specialised Financial Forensic Services.


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