Tuesday, July 16, 2024

BPL challenged to improve its league operations

Local Sports analysts have challenged Botswana Premier league (BPL), its sponsors and affiliated clubs to improve the status of the league for the upcoming 2018/19 season.

On the 23rd of May 2018 the BTC Premiership 2017/2018 season came to an end as Township Rollers beat Extension gunners 2-0 to become the league champions.

Called on to comment on the just ended season, local football analyst Jimmy George said the just ended season has failed to impress and it is clear that the premier league and its sponsors cannot fully run the league professionally.

George said it is a terrible state of football how several matches were unexpectedly postponed and some teams not honoring games because the players did not pitch through. He added that the financial status of the majority of the teams is not healthy and sport is not well sponsored because the private sector has failed the sport fraternity as it is not pumping money into sport.

Commenting on the improvements for the next season George said “The BPL committee should make sure that they monitor every club‘s bank statements so that they make sure the players will be paid on time and the travelling fees are secured. The premier league has to find sponsors will a lucrative deal so that they will facilitate teams in terms of paying for the games so that all the clubs will honor all the matches. The sponsors have to bind clubs by binding coverage money because this past season players were playing for the goodwill of the team.”

His counterpart Monty Gagomokgwa added that the league was affected by amongst other things the players‘s bad performance because of unpaid salaries and bad administrative structure. He said for that the teams need to sit down and discuss their budget or seek possible sponsors for the sake of the players wellbeing.Gagomokgwa said the league was competitive but not as expected and this will affect the turnout if in the upcoming season the football structures have not resolved their issues.

On his part Alex Malete said the league was fair because it was determined in the last games even though it revolves between certain teams. However Malete said there are issues with the administration that they need to do differently in the next season like paying players on time and taking into consideration the wellbeing of players. He said the teams from the north should take the Tafic relegation as a wakeup call to improve their game play so that the teams from the south do not dominate in the league.


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