Saturday, February 24, 2024

BPS, SAPS join forces to combat truck jackers

Botswana and South African police services are currently conducting joint investigations following numerous reports of a sharp increase in the number of Botswana registered trucks being hijacked.

Whilst information is still a bit sketchy, The Telegraph has turned up information which suggests that some Batswana nationals are suspected to be behind the organised crimes. Detective senior superintendent, Phenyoitsile Nnanaakoko, of Serious Crimes Squad confirmed the latest efforts saying they are conducting joint investigations with the South African Police Service (SAPS) in which Botswana registered trucks are been targeted by hijackers in South Africa especially in the Gauteng Province.

He also said his office has received and recorded a good number of such cases in which Botswana registered trucks have been hijacked at gun point, adding that in those recorded cases  at least no individual has been murdered or sustained serious injuries during the hijackings.

“On average two to three Botswana registered trucks are being hijacked in South Africa weekly and this is of concern to both two countries,” he said. Nnanaakoko also said so far two Batswana nationals Gotewang Cairo Serumola and Tshepo Swapo detained in Mozambique have been linked to truck theft.

He said intelligence that they have gathered so far suggests that some Batswana nationals are behind these hijackings, whilst the criminal syndicates comprised of South Africans.

He explained that the suspects normally profile some local truck owners that they can target before they call their partners in South Africa. He said the suspects claim to have an urgent consignment that needs to be collected from South Africa, and are ready to pay any amount that will be charged.

“Once the truck owner agrees with the deal, the suspect will then offer about P10 000 or any amount as a deposit to enticement “.

Nnanakoko indicated that upon arriving in South Africa, the truck will then be misdirected deliberately to the hijacking hot spot where  it will be eventually be hijacked. He issued a warning to truck owners to always be vigilant of unscrupulous business people and should have proper documentation about the people that they do business with.


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