Monday, December 11, 2023

Brand Botswana to showcase cultural heritage at Canberra festival

The Brand Botswana has joined hands with the Botswana High Commission to Australia to sell the country at the Australian National multicultural festival in Canberra.

The National Multicultural Festival is hosted by the Australian capital city, Canberra. The city is expected to showcase its cultural heritage and diversity through dance, food, performances, exhibitions, concerts and information.

Ludo Mokotedi the Director at Brand Botswana said they have used the festival to create a holistic understanding of Botswana and what it can offer to defined target groups.

This includes sharing general information about the history, economy, and characteristics of the country e.g. the tourism offer, investment opportunities, culture and heritage of Batswana.  

The event will be an opportunity for various countries to share their culture and heritage with residents of Canberra and other Australians. Canberra is home to over 100 Embassies and High Commissions. The three-day event will be an exciting kaleidoscope of arts, culture, colours, sights and sounds. 

The festival is expected to raise awareness about the culture and heritage of the country. Mokotedi said during the festival one-on-one discussions with local basket weaver Mosipidi Ledimo of Gumare and artist Ray Gare of Mochudi will be conducted. In addition selling and displaying of Botswana art and crafts will be done as well as providing information about Botswana culture to stall visitors.

“This platform is critical as it will enable us to reach stall visitors and other groups with messages about our country,” she said. ┬á

Last year’s festival was attended by over 260,000 people from across Australia and it is expected to draw more visitors in 2013.

Mokotedi said since the event attracts a high number of attendees, the Botswana exposition area will be a good platform for communicating the Uniqueness of Botswana.

“While the festival is focused on the Culture and Heritage offer of the country, the exposition area will represent other facets of Botswana, including the investment and trade opportunities available in the country,” said Mokotedi.

The national festival will kick start on the 8th-10th February 2013 in Australia.


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