Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Brave Heart in the works of gospel show with Joyous Celebration founder

Commerce Park, the location of Brave Heart’s warehouse, was set alight by the fiery voices of virtual contestants in a pilot shoot of the events management company’s upcoming gospel show.  

 Speaking with the managing director of Brave Heart, Joseph Manuel, he revealed that they are doing a pilot project for a show called Gospel Icon. “It’s a Botswana production, and this is a show produced by Brave Heart and we are recording it here at Brave Heart studios,” he said. Manuel explained that they intend to shoot the whole 24 episodes of Gospel Icon at Brave Heart studios. “Today is just a pilot project just to show someone out there this is what we are looking at,” he added.

Manuel said as Brave Heart they put together all their resources into the show. Evident enough from the murmurs of strategic partners invited, Brave Heart had an impressive setup robbing the awe of those present. The company’s managing director said the show will air locally and internationally. “We are looking at local broadcasting stations we are even looking at international stations, which is your Mzansi Magic, your BTV,” Manuel said. “This is like a high definition sort of a show. It’s a full production, and we are shooting on about 13 cameras,” he added. 

Upon entrance, it was already ostensible that Brave Heart broke both ligaments to make the show happen. The stage rig opened up a different world to those who beheld it, one of flamboyance and professionalism. 

Brave Heart has been a key player in the gospel music entertainment industry in Botswana. The Life-Changing Concert is fathered by Brave Heart and Joyous Celebration. The two are reported to be in a contract which will see Joyous Celebration perform at the Brave Heart-organized concert. New on the palette, yet always yearned for by Brave Heart is Gospel Icon. “Brave Heart are the owners and producers of this show hence it’s held here. It’s our baby and we have been dreaming about the idea since 2011,” Manuel said. With the show long overdue, Manuel said they believe the time is now ripe. 

Manuel revealed that Joyous Celebration founder will be part of the show. “We have partnered with Joyous Celebration from South Africa. We even have the founder here Dr Lindelani Mkhize who is one of our judges. He will be judging along Samantha Mogwe and Khumo Kgwaadira,” Manuel revealed. 

Gospel Icon will unearth local talent to create a seasoned musician who will then go international. Manuel, who describes the show as a talent search, believes Botswana has a lot of talent. He said, “After we have scouted for talent, we will be having a contest, and the winner is going to join Joyous Celebration in South Africa, and then there will be the monetary part where this person wins at least 100 000.” Gospel Icon is meant to empower and avail opportunities. The show will be a miniature My Star with a live band and gospel singers with viewers at home voting for their favourite gospel performers.


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