Thursday, May 30, 2024

British multibillionaire calls on Botswana to grow its aviation sector

The British multibillionaire business magnate, investor and philanthropist, who founded the Virgin Group, Sir Richard Branson says there is need to create economic catchments in the Botswana’s tourism in the Okavango Delta by providing different services for the tourists.

Addressing the business community at the annual Botswana Investment Trade Centre (BITC) Global Expo in Gaborone, Branson has praised Botswana as one of the top world tourism destination globally.  In particular, Branson spoke about the Okavango Delta as one of the leading attractive places to visit adding that it was not his first time in Botswana. He spoke of the importance of the tourism to an economy of any country.

“Direct flights are important for tourists when coming into the country and many domestic stop overs should be cut and tourist should have a chance to get to see and interact with the local communities when visiting a destination,” he said.

Branson is of the view that Botswana is doing very well on nature conservation of the environment. Branson further urged government to consider solar power as an alternative source of energy to supplement electricity, considering that Botswana is a largely sunny country. He also observed that the region is already moving towards clean energy and that Botswana should consider exporting the vast coal deposit to Europe.

“I did not give up when i started my first  business as there were few hurdles  that I faced which other entrepreneurs have to overcome before being successful,” said Branson.



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