Thursday, June 20, 2024

Briton’s murder case postponed

The state has postponed a case in which a 62-year-old British woman, Angela Tinley, is charged with the murder of her husband, Robin Tilney. State prosecutor Tyron Mokgathong told the Extension 2 magistrate court that although police investigations are about to be completed, they are still ongoing and that they are still consulting with relevant authorities in South Africa.

Angela Tinley is making the third appearance in court for allegedly murdering her husband. She is accused of killing Robin Tilney at their home in Extension 4 in Gaborone on January 5th.

On last appearance, Magistrate Joy Brown gave her bail pending investigations, as the prosecution said they were still trying to get suspects connected to the murder case extradited from South Africa.

Her bail conditions include providing two sureties and reporting every Wednesday to Central police station. She also has to surrender her travel documents to the police.

Meanwhile, reports from South Africa media say two men had been arrested in connection with the killing of a businessman Robin Tinley, who was found dead at his home in Gaborone
Authorities in South Africa say one of the suspects, Nigerian George Elize, was arrested by metro police at a roadblock in Midrand last Wednesday, and he is alleged to have led the Police to his rented flat, where several bank cards were found.

The second man, Sifelani Makwara, a Zambian national, was arrested in Johannesburg South last Thursday after he went to collect tyres he bought using the murdered man’s credit card.

The report has further stated that the suspects were denied bail at Johannesburg Court last week.
A Police officer said that, as a procedure, if the two and others still at large are found to be connected to the alleged crime, Botswana will have to apply for their extradition.

Elize and Makwara were arrested after police found out that Robin Tinley’s credit card was being used at various shopping centres in South Africa. Police and the banks monitored the shopping transactions, which included household appliances and car tyres.

Angela Tilney will return for mention on the 19th of March 2012.


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