Wednesday, July 17, 2024

BTCL launches Mobile V-SAT

Botswana Telecommunication Corporation Limited (BTCL) has launched a new product called the Mobile VSAT, which is a communication solution for businesses operating in remote, temporal and emergency areas. 

Mobile V-SAT is a mobile service that is used to transmit and receive data signals through satellite. BTCL Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Paul Taylor said in an interview that mainstreaming telecommunications solutions is a critical ingredient to fostering economic growth, as diversification remains a key national policy priority. Speaking at the launch of Mobile V-SAT, Taylor the product will compliment the adoption and implementation of the national ICT Policy, which reflects on a continued commitment to the development of a robust telecommunications eco-system predicated on transitioning the country from an efficiency based economy to a knowledge based economy, underpinned by increased innovation, productivity and competitiveness.

“Telecommunications and in particular the Mobile V-SAT will be focused precisely on customers with specific needs and wants,” said Taylor.

He added that as technology continues to shape and re-shape the social reality, BTCL will ensure that its customers remain embedded in the increasingly dynamic, complex and competitive global economic order. The launch comes at a time when the Ministry of Transport and Communications is at the tail end of putting together another strategy that will focus on connectivity, which will speed up implementation of the telecommunications initiatives into tangible outcomes and measureable impact. 

“The fundamental aim of this strategy is to enable increased information, communications and technology into private businesses and public enterprises.  The resulting infrastructure will also facilitate our endeavor to delight our customers,” he stated.

The Mobile V-SAT has been hailed as the ultimate communication solution for businesses operating in remote, temporal and emergency areas. Taylor explained that the product has many advantages, as it bypasses the terrestrial cable lines and is immune to the frequent cable problems. At a quick one-button deployment, the dish will automatically deploy, lock on satellite and create a high-speed network for any in range computers, smart phones or other wireless devices. In terms of aesthetics, Mobile VSAT is built for extreme environments that can handle extreme rain and wind. It can also extend any communications network, helping overcome geographical barriers, terrestrial network limitations and other constraining infrastructure issue.

“The cost will depend on people’s selected internet speed and the rental plan,” said Taylor.

Whilst the socio-economic benefits of Mobile V-SAT remain undisputed, said Taylor, BTCL will ensure optimum utilization of this infrastructure to shape and reshape social realities.


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