Tuesday, April 16, 2024

BTO completes quarter year without a board

Botswana Tourism Organization (BTO) a parastatal set up to promote Botswana as a premier tourist destination of choice has been paralyzed because it has been running without a board of directors for the past three months.

BTO Board is a governing body appointed by the Minister for Environment Wildlife and Tourism Tshekedi Khama, responsible for providing guidance and direction and support at policy and strategic levels as necessary for management to discharge its duties as stipulated in the BTO Act.

Sunday Standard has established that the country’s tourism parastatal has not convened a board meeting for the past three months because six of the nine board room chairs are empty and the remaining three board members cannot form a quorum.
BTO Chief Executive Officer, Myra Sekgororoane finds herself unable to undertake decisions which have to be approved by the board first.

BTO is tasked with planning, developing and implementing tourism marketing and promotion strategies for Botswana.
Asked who she reports to, Sekgororoane said as the CEO she report to a Board of Directors who report to the Minister of Environment, Wildlife and Tourism and added that without a board the she reports to the Ministry.

“The parent ministry has oversight. The organization is functioning as best it can pending appointment of the Board,” she said.
Asked when the new appointments or renewal of the BTO Board members are expected, she said “I am informed the process is ongoing”.

Section 7 (1) of the BTO Act says that a member other than the Chairman shall hold office for a period not exceeding three years and shall be eligible for re-appointment for a further term of three years, while the Chairman of the Board shall hold office for a period not exceeding five years, eligible for reappointment at the end thereof.

Sekgororoane pointed out that the immediate past BTO board was chaired by Victor Senye assisted by BIFM Chief Executive Officer Tiny Kgatlwane.  She added that the board also consisted of Laurence Khupe, Dr. Susan Keitiumetse, Godfrey Kupe, and Gaylard Kombani. Their membership lapsed end of June.

The reaming three board members are former Air Botswana CEO Sakhile Reiling who is based in South Africa, CEDA CEO Thabo Thamane and Edmont Moabi.

BTO board is expected to review the organization’s achievement in the last five years and this will provide critical foundation for the development of the next five year strategic plan.


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